Concept –The philosophy of the design

The proposal is based on the principle of path of life when a person long before the birth collects first perceptual experiences

changing them intocoloured dreams. Later in life experiences are collected and transformedinto thoughts and memories that are slowly fulfilling our life!

In the moment when our dreams and memories have left,

our life isfulfilled.There is also to realize hat the length of life is not measured with time, but with its fulfilment and knowledge and thereby underline the meaningof memories that should at this point reflect on life’s journey of all mourners.



We have incorporatedthe path of life into the tree alley, which forms the main axis of the cemetery heading from the south to the north.In the avenue “memory elements ‘ are going to appeargradually and gaining in size until they turn into a solid mass of the funeral hall, finishing the centreline.  The “Elements of Memory” shouldpresent experiences, thoughts and memories of the deceased person and are going to be from the same materialas the building itself.

At the same time they will also serveas graveyard facilities

(for example water supply, lighting, trash bins, notice boards, drinking fountain, etc.). Solid, closed mass of the funeral hall symbolises the fulfilment of life, where at the end of its journey comes to the act of parting with loved ones.

Project name

“Funeral Hall“


Řepy / Prague / CZ


Prokop Vondruška


1. Prize


Deník Metro